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Hetal Vyas is an accomplished project manager with an extensive career spanning over 30 years in the manufacturing industry. A Michigan State University alumnus, he boasts a solid foundation in Business Management, complemented by specialized coursework in supply chain management and strategic leadership. His collegiate involvement extended to membership in The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU), Aerospace Club, and Hindu YUVA, laying the groundwork for his multidisciplinary approach to project management.

Hetal’s professional journey commenced at General Motors, where he dedicated twelve years to mastering project management, process optimization, and team leadership. His proficiency in handling dynamic priorities and construction schedules was honed here, managing teams across engineering, finance, purchasing, and safety, among other disciplines. A pivotal relationship with mentor John F. Smith Jr. greatly influenced his early career trajectory.

In 2002, Hetal advanced to a senior project manager role at Whirlpool, further sharpening his skills in managing complex projects with a keen focus on safety and compliance. His ability to lead diverse teams and drive operational excellence was notably enhanced during this tenure.

Transitioning to Magna International in 2010 as a Senior Data Manager, Hetal played a crucial role in process optimization, cost reduction, and meeting project deadlines and budgets. His pragmatic problem-solving approach and adeptness at navigating manufacturing project nuances significantly contributed to his success.

Since 2017, Hetal has been instrumental at Bosch in Farmington Hills, Michigan, as a Project Manager with a specialized focus on safety and compliance. Overseeing projects from inception to completion, his leadership is defined by a pragmatic problem-solving approach and a steadfast commitment to operational excellence, underpinning his achievements at Bosch.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Hetal is deeply committed to mentoring young professionals, sharing his wealth of knowledge and insights to guide them through the complexities of the manufacturing sector. An avid reader, he stays abreast of the latest in manufacturing technology. Outside the professional realm, Hetal values work-life balance, spending quality time with his family, and participating in marathons nationwide, including the Kalamazoo Marathon, New York City Marathon, and Boston Marathon. His marathon participation symbolizes his belief in the applicability of determination and perseverance across all aspects of life, including education and career.